Woman in Mike Sonko Child Support Case Confesses Receiving Cash to Finish Him

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Ex-Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s political career was ended by a woman who sued him for child support, revealing that she was offered Ksh1 million to end his career.


As evidenced by documents filed in court on Wednesday, July 27, the woman who was seeking Ksh448,450 a month in maintenance withdrew her suit after a period of introspection.


As a down payment, she received a sum of Ksh240,000 from two women from the Coast region who offered her the sum.


During the time of the suit filing in May, the former mayor of Nairobi was seeking nomination to run for the Mombasa gubernatorial seat.

Upon receiving an offer of Ksh1 million from two women from the Mombasa county, I accepted and filed this suit to defame the defendant’s name as a candidate for Governor Mombasa county.


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“I have since searched my soul on the matter, considered the suit against the defendant, and I now wish to unconditionally withdraw both the chamber summons application and suit dated the 12th May 2022 and further wish to extend my unreserved apologies to the plaintiff herein and to this Honourable Court,” the woman stated in the affidavit.


She sued on May 12th, claiming she had a daughter with Sonko 15 years prior and asking the court for financial assistance with food and shopping, rent, security costs, salon costs, clothing, as well as fees for house help.


The court also ordered Sonko to contribute by paying Ksh86,000 in school fees and an additional Ksh30,450 in expenses related to them.


In addition, the woman demanded that Sonko be compelled to pay Ksh37,000 in back school fees. Form Two was listed as the grade for the victim, who was said to be a girl.


According to her attorneys at the time, because of losing her job and having to care for a minor, life had become extremely challenging for both of them.


Even before the upkeep demands, Sonko made it clear that he would not fall for the trap and that he was willing to raise the child himself, despite the fact that she was not his own.



It was explained to him that he had adopted many children and would have no problem adopting the one in question.

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