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Willy Paul posted on his social media that police officers were stationed outside his residence at Syotani Villas, waiting for him. He claimed that the police officers accused him of hitting someone and fleeing the scene.

He mentioned that there is a desire to harm him, similar to an incident that occurred last year. If anything happens to Willy Paul, he stated that the responsibility lies with the individuals in uniform who were outside his house.

Diana Bahati’s attorney informed the media that Willy Paul was arrested for cyberbullying committed in 2021. She reported that the inquiry concluded and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution issued orders for Willy Paul’s arrest.

He has received summonses but has never complied with them. The police arrested him proactively. Diana Bahati is the complainant in the case, however she was only present to monitor the progress of the hearings.

The lawyer said that individuals found guilty of cyberbullying may face prosecution for up to ten years or be subject to a fine. The lawyer stated that the investigations were thorough and she is confident that everything is in order.

She mentioned that social media posts written by Willy Paul at that time will be included as evidence in court. He is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for arraignment at the Kiambu Law Courts.

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