Major General MohammedBadi For Governship in Nairobi 2022?

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Major General MohammedBadi For Governship in Nairobi 2022?

  • By maticha bonface

NMS boss Mohammed Badi (L) and Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko


Appearing in the Jeff Koinange talk show, JKL, on Citizen tv on Wednesday 29th 0ctober 2020, the General was categorical that he is not interested in politics. This comes after political pundits linked him to Nairobi Governorship come 2022.

Badi said that Hon. Mbuvi Sonko should stop his work because all he is doing is to bring sanity to the city. Glory will be to Sonko eventually since he is the bonafide elected Governor.


President Kenyatta, Hon Sonko and Gen.Badi.



The General said this in response to Sonko’s recent claims that he will report him to ICC because of several Nairobi residents’ displacement.


The General noted that the best way to handle the Governor’s nonstop claims was by keeping quiet and continue with his delivery mandate to the people of Nairobi.


The General also said that the rent waiver that was extended by the Governor for six weeks was illegitimate. He further added that the Governor does not mandate collecting rent since it was a transferred function.


Badi went on to say that it was squarely the responsibility of KRA to collect the rent; hence they are the ones who can function the waiver.

The Major General was quick to say that he has been a resident of Nairobi for a relatively long time, and because of that, he knows the needs of Nairobians well.

The General added that by Christmas, there would be a completely different Nairobi. Among other things, the General announced that BRT would be in use very soon.


Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko

  • By maticha bonface
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