A Man Loses his Chance to Secure a Job After Terryanne Chebet found out he has been sending her Love messages

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A man lost a job opportunity despite qualifying for the job. This was after media personality Terryanne Chebet found out he has been sending her love messages in her instagram. Terryname through a twitter thread narrated how a man lost the opportunity after an interview despite him been a qualified candidate.

It all began when the man whose name was not disclosed sent a deirect message on instagram to Terryanne Chebet.

“Hello Terryanne. I love your conversation with Bernard Ndong on Instagram live. I’m an IT diploma graduate, digital manager and content creator and I would love to work for you. I don’t mind starting as an intern,” he stated.

After five days the man was invited for a n interview which Terranne said he was a good candidate. It was then that the former Citizen TV news anchor discovered that the young man has been sending her love messages on social media when she was conducted a background check. The man text indicated he had a crush on Terryanne and that how he lost an opportunity to get a job.

“I’m all about shooting your shot, but not when you’re actively job hunting. Got an inbox, good candidate, mailed him to book an interview, only to scroll up on IG to see messages he’d been sending me, which I hadn’t seen,” stated Terryanne.

Terryanne also share some screen shot from her twitter thread, she also stated that she not offer the young man a job due to the claim that she loves her despite him qualifying for the job.

“I honestly I’m in love with you.”

“Happy birthday my crush. Nakupenda ata kama ulilenga DMs zangu.”

“I like you Terryanne but talk of snobbing someone, you have mastered it,” read the messages that the man was sending to Terryanne.

The messages indicated her chances of getting the job was very high if not for the background check. Poeple commented on the post and some of them urged Terryanne Chebet to give the young man a chance while other stated that th message were inappropriate.

“It takes a lot of guts and initiative for one to shoot their shot, especially at one occupying a superior social position. You may be missing out on a self-driven employee, a go-getter,” saidWalter Nyakwaka.

“This one confused the assignment. These streets are at times extremely tricky. People need to learn when to keep conversations formal and when to keep them informal. I feel sorry for him, for the opportunity he has lost,” opined  Francis Amonde

“Just another mischievous boy trying a shortcut to wealth.. Give him the chance (internship) he has already learned a life lesson,” stated Gitonga.

“As much as I do not agree with you on posting this here, it’s just wrong but the man was also wrong. You don’t send such messages to your employer it’s just unprofessional,” said Cess Mungai.

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