Controversial Blogger Edgar Obare’s BROTHER WAS kidnapped and tortured

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Controversial Blogger Edgar Obare’s kidnapped and tortured

According to Edgar it is not the first time such incident happened but no action was taken even after reporting. The controversial blogger’s brother got kidnapped on Saturday. Edgar said that his brother was tortured as they asked him to reveal the bloggers whereabouts.

“I would like to ask you to pray for my family. Saturday night I was informed that they kidnapped my brother,” said Edgar

“They kidnapped him, tortured him, trying to get information about my whereabouts, that’s one of the scariest things.

“I am so sad he had to go through that and that some people in this country would go so low and go after my family. I hate this country, how they get away with everything.”

Edgar said that it was not the first time his brother got harassed since it happened recently at the airport, but they didn’t want it to go public. A few weeks back his brother got harassed as he went to pick a package at the airport.

According to Edgar, his brother was restricted from picking the package due to some payment procedures. The issue was sorted but the second time he went to pick the package he encountered DCI agents.

When my brother went to pick up the package, he finds DCI agents waiting for him. He is taken to a room, told to wait there and surrender his phone. They locked him up in the room for three to four hours. They were asking, ‘Where is Edgar?’ he recounted.

Edgar hopes that his brother will get justice. He even asked people to pray for him after getting information his brother had been kidnapped and tortured.

“Hearing my brother cry on the phone, trying to explain what they did to him. He did not deserve it, he is an innocent person, we are just related. We will be reporting the matter, hoping police will do something.”

He was said that he had also been kidnapped last year November but even after reporting no action was taken. He said that he hated how those people with money and power get away with anything. Up to date, he said that nothing was done about it.


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