Mike Sonko Advised the Youth that ‘Wash Wash’ Business will dig them an Early Grave

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Many stories of young people becoming overnight millionaires through dubious deals have overflowed on social media. Nairobi governor Mike Sonko said that such success is short-lived. He says that most youngsters enter into dubious deals to rise up the social ladder but the journey is not that smooth.

Mike Sonko advised that success can only be achieved through hard work and any other means can lead to self-destruction.

“Hizi deals za usiku kucha and you start spinning Porche Panama which you can’t tell how you earned it will dig you an early grave.”

“The sweetest success has a story. You start a business, tried and failed, tries and failed and so on and so on until business it teaches you enough money lessons,” he posted

He also added: “Life has no shortcut, that’s why our fathers drove cars at 40s and 50s. Life experiences have no shortcut, that’s why it took our fathers years to finfish the house we were brought up in.”

Sonko warned the people in the wash wash business that their success is short lived, he also stated that he has been approached numerous times  to help them.

“I have been approached many times, oooh bro with your brains you can do very well. Oooh, you just dress smart and nail a deal and walk out a rich man.”

“Oooh, I will give you a good car bora deal iivane, nonsense let me work hard for money. Let me cry when I fail, let me scratch the ground hard enough. If God wants that for me, acha niangukie kaproject ka pesa mzuri, that one I will have worked hard through my experience. Lakini hii, tupatane B club nikuonyeshane na mabig fish, you are wasting your time, I am not coming,” he stated

Former governor Mike Sonko also stated that those in the wash wash business cannot expose the ‘big fish’ or use devious schemes to deceive them as the consequences will be dreadful. He also advised the young people to use legal ways of accumulating wealth as they will appreciate the process.

“There two things to understand in this businesses, one you can’t cheat on big fish, and if you do they will not have a second thought pulling that trigger.”

“Two, you can’t outsmart them, you can’t tell of their secret businesses, they watch your life more than your mother watches you. What a life you have money but nowhere to spend because you  been watched. If not by them, the DCI is tracing your steps,” he stated.

“Acheni haraka yakuwa mabudesko, your time will come, watch your wealth grow, and you will enjoy without anyone watch.” He concluded.


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