UDA Blocked From Nyayo Stadium Venue for Rally

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The stadium’s manager, Sports Kenya, noted in a statement that a different peace concert had already been scheduled there.

Between August 5 and August 7, 2022, is when the concert is scheduled to take place.


“We regret to inform you that the facility will not be available for your use between August 5 and August 7, 2022 due to peace concerts scheduled to take place at both Moi International Sports Centre – Kasarani and Nyayo National Stadium. Please be aware, “The letter to Veronica Maina, UDA Secretary General, read
A UDA representative insisted, in a statement to Kenyans.co.ke, that the party would hold its rally on the specified date, claiming that they had already secured the time slot and complied with the law.

“We followed the law exactly. We will attend. Our side is the law, “stated the representative.


Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio la Umoja alliance, had also submitted an application to hold a rally at the same location on August 6 dubbed as the grand rally on the final day of campaigns.

According to a statement from the Azimio campaign, “the Azimio campaign team led by #babanamartha will hold its last official campaign meeting in Nairobi on Saturday, August 6 at the Nyayo National Stadium.”


However, it is unclear whether UDA had made venue payments.


Both Raila and Ruto have previously used the sports complex for events. While Ruto met with the Kenya Kwanza women’s guild and held prayers at the stadium, Azimio unveiled its manifesto.


Although Nyayo Stadium has a smaller capacity (45,000) than Kasarani Stadium (60,000), politicians prefer the sports arena due to its location.


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