David Mwaure Now Accuses Other Presidential Contenders Of Riding On His Manifesto

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David Mwaure, a presidential candidate for the Agano Party, has accused his rivals in the August State House race of relying on his platform to gain support for their own initiatives.

The last of the four candidates running to succeed President Kenyatta unveiled his platform, the “Badilisha” manifesto, on Monday.


The Agano leader, who is running for office alongside Ms. Ruth Mutua, is now accusing his rivals of stealing ideas from his expansive platform in order to advance their own agendas.


In a Wednesday interview with NTV, he said of the timing of the release of his manifesto, “One day in politics can make a whole lot of difference, and because of the times and seasons that we are in, one can never be late.”


Nobody else had previously expressed what we had in our manifesto, but since then, I have noticed that they are now doing so.


Mr. Mwaure seemed to disagree with his strategy for eliminating corruption, which he claims other leaders hadn’t addressed “in great detail” prior to his announcement of his position.


“…Not in such great detail and context. Furthermore, I started discussing corruption as soon as we were cleared, but I’ve noticed that it’s only getting worse now, said Mwaure.


The career lawyer and Agano leader claims that Kenya’s current situation is the result of the country’s failure to follow God’s instructions.


The presidential candidate who compared himself to the biblical David said that Kenya has institutionalized corruption, turned a blind eye to scandals, allowed wastage, resigned ourselves to disappointment, and accepted bureaucracy as a way of life during the launch of his manifesto on Monday.


According to Mwaure, “I feel that we have been going around the same mountain for 59 years, and I am convinced that this is the best time to break the cycle — break the covenants that don’t serve our country and reestablish God’s covenant with Kenya.”


If elected, Mr. Mwaure promised that his administration would be dedicated to guiding Kenya towards progress, encouraging its citizens to be productive, and promoting prosperity.


Johnson Sakaja has the best chance of winning the race for governor of Nairobi if voting were to take place right now.

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In the election on August 9, he will compete against Raila Odinga of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya, Deputy President William Ruto of the United Democratic Alliance, and Prof. George Wajackoyah of the Roots Party.


Mr. Mwaure has been quoted in the past criticizing Prof. Wajackoyah’s contentious suggestion that Kenya legalize and sell marijuana to pay off her crushing debt.


He said in June, “We do not need to grow bhang or marijuana; we can pay that debt from within, my brothers and sisters.


“It is not acceptable that he encourages drug trafficking and consumption, the planting of bhang in public places, and suspending the constitution,” he said, branding the plan immoral.

Dr. Ruto, who has pledged to support small-scale traders through his bottom-up economic model, has been charged by Mwaure with using public funds for political campaigning.



He attacked the DP’s platform, saying, “My three competitors should grow up and bring real solutions to the table.”

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