‘Radio Is Not As Lucrative As I Thought’- Vinnie Baite Elaborates As He Exits Milele FM

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Over the weekend, after a long absence, Vinnie Baite triumphantly returned to the stage, captivating an enthusiastic live crowd with his performance. The comic gushed about his triumphant return.

Vinnie said on the Wamusyi show that his radio job has prevented him from performing stand-up comedy for the past two years. But he’s back in the comic swinging man now that he left his radio job.

During the concert, Vinnie was on stage alongside legendary comedians Tom Dakatari and Sammy Kioko. The last time I performed was in December 2022; I was previously unable to due to my radio show,” he reflected on his performance. However, I resigned. I made a solid return with my performance today. I gave a terrific performance. My concert will be planned sometime.

Given the opportunity, Vinnie would never return to radio, he stressed when explaining his decision to leave the industry. He cautioned would-be radio industry recruits that it might not be the best choice right now as the business was not doing as well as he had anticipated.

“Radio is a dying platform…people should exploit online platforms more than TV, radio,” Baite advised, reflecting on the shift towards digital consumption.

People who are considering a career in radio would be well to think twice right now because the medium is in its final stages of decline. Just with radio, people have shifted to alternative platforms wherever possible. I had a strong desire to be a radio personality even before I started working in the industry. For the time being, though, I believe individuals should make greater use of internet platforms than television and radio,” Vinnie clarified.

Not wanting to make a major spectacle out of his departure, Vinnie Baite worked with famed radio host Francis Luchivya at Milele Fm.

By the way, I felt like I had plenty when I left Media Max. By the way, he did say that he had no desire to return. Looking back on his time at Media Max, he said that while it was satisfactory, he had more options on internet platforms than in radio.

Additionally, Vinnie disclosed that Media Max owes him a substantial sum of money, which he has opted not to collect. There are better ways to make money and exhibit talent than through traditional media platforms like radio, he said, despite the limitations.

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