Mama Miradi or Mama Mjengo

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Jubilee nominated senator Millicent Omanga at a construction site.

The jubilee nominated senator Ho. Millicent Omanga has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media. On Saturday, 31st October 2020, the legislator shared a photo of herself on Facebook, pushing a “one wheel machine.” 

She went ahead to say, “Ule mtu alisema wheelbarrow hazina Kazi alete hio V8 yake nitumie kubeba mchanga. Leo kibarua imenikalia weh!” which loosely translates, whoever said that wheelbarrows cant do anything, let them bring their V8 I use it carry the sand.

The vocal Tanga Tanga sympathizer seemed to be aiming her sentiments to those opposed to the hustler nation led by the deputy president Dr. William Ruto.

We sampled some of the comments from Hon. Omanga’s supporters and critics as follows;

One Mogaka Wilfred said, “Sometimes, you speak like you are out of your mind. Is this the kind of job that you promise the youths?”

Migal Al Migel decided to poke fun by saying, “How will this post help me to get justice from my tailor?” He accompanied his text with this photo.


It was evident from the hundreds of comments on Mheshimwa’s post that most people were not pleased with her positionA

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