‘Uhuru Would Have Fired Ruto And Replaced Him With Gideon Moi,’ Gachagua Now Claims

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Kenya Kwanza Coalition Deputy Presidential candidate Rigathi Gachagua believes the position of Deputy President in the country should be elected rather than appointed, and thus constitutionally protected as it currently is.



Gachagua claimed during the Deputy Presidential Debate on Tuesday at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) that if the 2010 constitution had not protected the second in command, the current fallout between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto would have been much worse because DP Ruto would have already been fired.


The Mathira MP, in what appeared to be an escalated attack by the DP Ruto team on claims about the country’s dynasty narrative, claimed that President Kenyatta would have fired the DP and replaced him with late President Moi’s son Gideon Moi, which he claims was the master plan.


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“If the previous constitution had been in place, William Ruto would have been sacked long ago and replaced with Gideon Moi,” Gachagua claimed.


“And that was the plan: to provoke him, intimidate him, humiliate him, persecute him, his friends and allies, and force him to resign from the government, allowing Uhuru Kenyatta to appoint someone from a family with whom they share issues or values.”


Gachagua defended his party’s leader, claiming that Ruto had completed all of the government’s mandates during his tenure.


“The duty he (Ruto) has been assigned without fail all the time is to welcome the president at Nyayo stadium, and he has done that in style,” Gachagua said.


“The president chose not to assign him duties for his own reasons; he wanted to push Ruto out, but he stayed because he has some mandate from the people.”


The MP said the deputy president position should remain a people-elected position, citing the recent push by the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition to have the DP resign over allegations of misuse of public funds.


“The framers of the constitution were very clear that the deputy president needed to have a direct mandate from the people,” the lawmaker explained. “The reason Azimio cannot push William Ruto is that he is not a President Uhuru Kenyatta appointee; he is elected by the people of Kenya.”


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