Senate Retreats to Naivasha to Ponder on BBI.

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Senate Retreats to Naivasha to Ponder on BBI.

The parliamentary senate leadership is today meeting in Naivasha. While speaking to the media, the senate majority leader Hon. Pogishio noted that it was an induction for the senate leadership.

Among those in attendance are various committee chairpersons.” The retreat is necessary because there were changes in house committees., for the first time, we have women senators as chairpersons of committees and are among us today,” said the majority leader, senator Pogishio.

He further divulged that among those present were various government agencies. Among them are The Ethics and ant corruption commission representatives. The commission is to help the senate dig into corruption issues more prudently.

The leademajority r also notes that the senate was not comfortable with some proposals of the BBI as compared to their initial proposals.

Reports also indicate that a total of 51 senators will burn their midnight oil all through the weekend for them to have a more in-depth look into the BBI. The senators comprise 24 from jubilee and  27 from NASA.


The minority leader on Wednesday, 28th October 2020, hinted that a referendum bill could be tabled in parliament within fourteen days. The minority further said that Kenyans could go out for a referendum by March 2021.

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