Thugs break into Kisumu Governor Nyong’o’s home, steal clothes and food

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Police in Kisumu are looking into an incident where it is believed that thugs broke into Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s rural residence in Ratta village, Seme sub-county.

The regional police chief for Nyanza, Karanja Muiruri, confirmed the incident and claimed that various articles of clothing and food were taken.


According to Karanja, a team of police officers has since been sent to the residence to begin an investigation under the direction of Seme sub-county area commander Hellen Rotich.


However, according to the police chief, a preliminary investigation suggests that the incident, which was reported by the farm manager, may have been an inside job.


According to Karanja, police will take statements from people inside the Governor’s home, from neighbors, and from the officers manning the home’s security.


As is customary for public officials of the Governor’s caliber, two police officers are stationed outside his country residence.


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