Sharon Otieno’s Mother seeks to Vie for an MCA Seat in Homa Bay Town West

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Sharon Otieno’s Mother seeks to Vie for an MCA Seat in Homa Bay Town West

Melida Auma Sharon’s Otieno’s mother said that she will want the Homabay Town West MCA seat as she officially joined politics. She will seek the seat through the United Democratic Alliance a political party linked with Deputy President William Ruto in next year’s elections.

The aspiring MCA said that she choose the UDA party as it gives her a chance to express her policies to the constituency. She has also been popularizing the party at grassroots levels. Melida Auma said that if she gets elected she will make the lives of her grandchildren and children better.


“I decided to try the MCA seat because I want a better life for my children and grandchildren. It is tough, but I will try,” Ms Auma said

She claimed that ODM was her initial choice of the party but she said that the party’s leaders failed to support her grieving family after her daughter’s burial as they had promised and even talked ill of her deceased daughter Sharon.

“I would have wanted ODM, but it is very difficult to get a ticket there. Furthermore, leaders from ODM who had vowed to stand with us before Sharon’s burial abandoned us immediately we lowered her body into the grave,” Ms Auma was quoted as saying.

Auma said that politicians from her region claimed that she was using her daughter’s death to gain an advantage in politics and refusing to pic their calls after she was buried.

Sharon’s murder

Sharon Otieno’s body went missing in 2018 and her body was found dumped in Wire Forest in Homa Bay County on September 4, 2018.An autopsy report indicated that she has died due to too much bleeding as she has stabbed eight times and her body also underwent asphyxiation.

It was said that the late Rongo University student was having an affair with the Migori governor Okoth Obado. The 26-year-old was also 7 months pregnant for him. A DNA test was conducted which confirmed that Sharon’s unborn baby’s biological father was Obado.

The police failed to take fingerprints of the items collected from the place her body was discovered, this was noted during a court trial. The items taken from the scene included a bra, open shoes, a bottle top, alcohol wrappers, condom wrappers, used condoms, blood-stained underpants, and trousers.

According to the Director of Criminal Investigations Lilian Saka, the attempt to take prints from the condom wrapping was difficult as the piece was very tiny.

The accused were Obado’s personal assistants Michael Oyamo and Caspal Obiero who were charged with the murder of Sharon Otieno.


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