Kenyan Woman Abandoned With Her Twins by Her Chinese Lover Pleads For Hel

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A woman named Purity Syengo has been trying to call her Chinese lover since he left Kenya this year but to no avail. The 27-year-old woman entered into an intimate relationship in 2015 with her Chinese lover. She gave birth to a twin that is now three months old.

Purity pleaded for help after she was left stranded when the Chinese man left the country. The two met in a Chinese company where purity was working. They started dating in 2017 and he shown signs that he was ready to settle with Syengo. The relationship was going on very well and the man would go to china and come back. Last year that’s when Purity conceived.

“So I got pregnant and this year in January we confirmed that I had twins. So he was to travel to China in March and come after three months. He knew that I was to get babies in July and by that time I knew he would be here,” Purity said in a phone interview

She conceived earlier at eight months and she had to undergo caesarian section. Before her Chinese lover went to china, he bought clothes for the kids. He also gave her money to clear all the hospital bills. After Purity delivered the man said that he was having problems with his passport and he could not come back to Kenya.

“He told me that in China due to COVID-19 if your passport is below six months old they are not renewing it for now. That he has to wait. I don’t know how true this is. It has now been one month and I can’t reach him through his phone. I am struggling financially. I have no rent, no food,” Purity said

She has been struggling with house rent and her caretaker threatened to close her house. She also stated that she is not able to produce sufficient breast milk for her twins without eating.


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