President Uhuru Kenyatta History Making

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Between 1963 and 2019, Samburu county had only received a paltry 2,000 title deeds; this is according to the ministry of lands’ statics.

What stood during the event at KICC on Tuesday, 3rd November, is that women from Samburu’s county received title deeds for the first time in history.

Eight women were among the 10,000 Samburu residents that were issued with title deeds by the president.

According to the lands ministry cabinet secretary Farida Karoney, the historic happening was successful because of the tremendous successes the ministry has achieved with the support of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Today, for the first time since independence, women from Samburu will receive title deeds. Your excellency, the milestones we are making in the ministry, under the national titling program, are as a result of the support that you have accorded us and the increased budgetary allocations for the program,” Farida Karoney said.

The 10 000 title deeds issued during the event are the highest number of title deeds published in a single event this year.

Addressing those who graced the event, the president applauded the ministry of lands for their efforts to ensure that the processing and issuing of the title deeds were much easier and faster.

The president added he is committed to ensuring no politician will use the land as a campaign tool as it has been the case before.

During the event, extra land was given to the Nairobi National park. The county governor of Nakuru governor, too, received a title deed for the Naivasha Special Economic Zone. Governor Samuel Tunai received a title deed for the Maasai mara game reserve.

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