Bishop David Muriithi accepts to pay sh10, 000 for child upkeep after being sued by his alleged Baby Mama

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Bishop Mirriti a televangelist of House of Grace church was recently sued by his alleged baby mama demanding sh100, 000 every month for child support.

The woman claims to have been in an intimate relationship with the man of God in 2018 and they sired a son together in January 2019. She said that the man of God was supportive all through the pregnancy but neglected her once she conceived.

Through the assistance of her Lawyer Dunstan Omari, Bishop Muriithi was compelled to assist his two-year-old son. The mother of one said that since she conceived the man of God failed to pay their sons school fees and abandoned his parental obligations.

“Mutiithi has neglected his parental responsibilities and has caused the minor herein to be a child in need of care and protection,” stated in the court documents.

Mama Judy through her lawyer Danstan Omari, wanted Bishop Muriithi to provide sh5000 for entertainment, sh1000 for salon, sh2000 for toys, sh 3000 for utilities, sh 5000 for entertainment and to pay the child’s school fees at Kiota School.

She had also demanded sh20,000 for shopping and food, sh10,000 for house help, sh35,000 for house rent, and sh11,000 for clothing.

“The Plaintiff avers that the defendant is a bishop of a reputable church within the Republic of Kenya who lives a high-end life and is not willing to offer his child the same kind of life which is a clear indication of discrimination on his part.” Stated the court document

Bishop David Muriithi after being sued he agreed to be paying 10,000 monthly for the maintenance bills for his alleged son that he sired out of wedlock. He replied to the case filed against him urging the court to terminate some of the demands of his alleged baby mama claiming that he only relied on family and well-wishers donations for income.

“The applicant and I had a short-lived relationship on and off which ended in the year 2018. When I met the applicant, she was living in a rented house with her other teenage child sired form a different relationship where she paid her own rent,” said Bishop Muriithi.

The man of cloth stated that he doesn’t live an extravagant lifestyle as the alleged baby mama had claimed in her petition. He also added that during their short-lived relationship, the woman had her own thriving business.

“As much as I am a Bishop in the church that I head, it is not true that I have a high-end life. That is the figment of the applicant’s imagination,” he beseeched

He also added that she may have conceived fulfill her desires of a high-end lifestyle.

The woman is known as Mama Judy Mutaye Muasya also claimed her life in in danger. She said that there was a peculiar Mercedes Benz that was packed outside her home in Kilimani and her brother spotted the car.

“They knocked severally but no one opened for them,” said Mama Judy


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