Omosh says his 1st wife Mrs. Ngatia still disturbs him despite him giving her two plot

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Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia known as Omosh blamed his 1st wife Mrs. Ngatia a former actress for negatively portraying him to the public. Omosh said that he had given his 1st wife two plots one in Thika and the other one in Ndenderu but she still disturbs him.

Mrs. Ngatia denied the claims saying that Omosh was lying to clear his name after the reaction on social media. Omosh accused Judy Wachuka famously known as Mrs. Ngatia for being a difficult woman.

Omosh said that Mrs. Ngatia went against their initial agreement and went on social media to blame him. He also stated that he no longer talks to his 1st wife since she doesn’t pick his calls.

“We only talk if it’s her who calls, but when I reach out the calls go unanswered,” he said.

He also added that during a holiday in Mombasa they agreed with his 1st wife that the new house was to be occupied by his second wife. He said that he gave his 1st wife two plots which she declined to settle on them.

The former actress Mrs. Ngatia expressed her disappointment for her husband lying to clear his name in public. She said that Omosh was unhappy that she came out and told the truth.

“Those plots he’s yet to be allocated. Ask yourself why he didn’t let the well-wishers build his house on one of them,” she stated in a post

The back and forth accusations between the two resulted from Mrs. Ngatia exposing Omosh through the claim that he had neglected her and her children after marrying a second wife. Mrs. Ngatia had earlier on stated that she separated with her husband 10 years ago.

“He had time for me and my children but since the second wife came, he is always busy. I accepted her as my co-wife but he forgot about us when they moved in together,” she stated

She accused the former Tahidi High actor for ignoring her for no reason and urged Kenyans to construct for her a house.

“We have been very distant,” she said.

She also stated that Omosh had not made it formal or told her parent they were divorced.

“He has never informed me or my parents that we separated, he should release me. My children miss their father. He does not know what we go through,” she stated

She also said that when she wants to talk with Omosh concerning their children she must go to the house of the second wife. Mrs. Ngatia said that she has never had conflict with the second wife but she was not happy with Omosh for using her name to get assistance from Kenyans.

 “The second wife is the one who benefited when Kenyans raised funds for Omosh,” she said.

Mrs. Ngatia said that she has slept hungry many times. She also said she was thrown out due to rent debts as landlord couldn’t believe she had no money to pay rent due to her fame as an actress.

“You don’t announce such things in public,” she stated.

Judy also thanked Kenyans for clearing her 10,000 rent debt. She also urged Kenyans to construct a one-bedroom house for her. Stating

“If I could get just a one bedroom metal house, I would be glad. I know Kenyans are going through a lot and some of them have more problems than me.”

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