Janet Isaboke: Student Who Scored an A Gets Help from Leaders

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Janet Isaboke a bright student from Kisii County was given a cheque of 700,000 from leaders by Ongeri. The 17 year old came from a poor background and her parent could not afford to support her undergraduate studies.

The predicament of the young girl was aired on Citizen TV as she urged people to help her pursue her dreams to become a neuro-surgeon. The student received help from well-wishers and she will be joining University of Nairobi to study medicine and surgery.

Governor James Ongwae gave ksh 200,000, Ongeri 200,000, Janet Ong’era gave 100,000 and 200,000 from Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i which amounted to 700,000.

“I visited the home of Janet Kwamboka, an A student unable to join the University of Nairobi to pursue her dream of becoming a medical doctor due to a lack of finances.

I presented a generous donation of KSh 700,000, which will help Janet report to school. I am glad that despite the challenges, she beat the odds and looks motivated to do even more than ever,” he posted on social media.

Westland MP Tim Wanyonyi, Amina Mohammed and MP Simba Arati and others promised to stand with the girl as she joins the University of Nairobi.

The former Asumbi girl stated that she completed her studies in primary and secondary school through the assistance of well-wishers. Janet Isiboke was concerned that she might not fulfill her dreams of becoming a doctor due to poverty.

Her parents also stated that they couldn’t have afforded to take their daughter to university due to financial constraints. The student will be joining UON on September 20 after her cry was had and people came to her aid.

“It has not been easy since primary and even high school. The far that I have reached I still thank the Almighty God and I pray that I may get well-wishers to help me pursue my career and give back to society,” she stated


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