Juu’: Jowie Joins the Music Industry and Releases A New Song

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‘Juu’: Jowie Joins the Music Industry and Releases A New Song

Joseph Irungu famously known as Jowie joins the music industry and releases a new track “juu”. In 2020 he had released another song “nishikilie’.  He released the song after the Director of Public Prosecution said that he had breached the conditions that had been issued to him by Justice James Wakiaga when he got released last year from jail.

In 2018 Jowie had been charged with the murder of late Monica Kimani. A video was shared where Jowie was praising thanking the lord for his endless provisions. There was many reactions from people.

“You did it again. God is my strength, your strength, I’m always praying for you God will fight your battles Irungu,” stated Ann Shee.

Jowie enjoyed his freedom after he was released from prison after 16 months and became a singer . His freedom is therefore short-lived after he was to be taken behind bars again for he breached the conditions issued to him.

“He has deliberately disobeyed the conditions of his release and went ahead to commit further crime. It is only fair that the court cancels the bail and bond he was granted to meet the ends of justice,” said Stated prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki.


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