Omosh Almost Sells His Newly Gifted House to Pranksters at Ksh15 Million

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Former Tahidi High actor Omosh fall for a prank to sell his 3 bedroom house that he was gifted by a well-wisher in Joska. Pranksters from comic gangs meets Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh in a company of a woman who pretended to be a buyer.

In the prank video Omosh was reluctant to buy the house, but after constant persuasion he accepted to sell the house for 15 million. He begun by selling the house at 17 million which the pranksters said it was too costly but after negotiations he reduced the price to 15 million. The money was to be deposited into his account after finalizing the formalities.

“I cannot sell my house. It was a present from Kenyans. I cannot sell,” he stated

The Former Tahidi high actor had promised not to sell the newly acquired house that was constructed for him by well-wishers. The pranksters that pretended to be prospective buyers organized a meeting with Omosh of which he turned up.  After been lured, he spoke highly of his new house; he said that the house was constructed for him by Sung Timbers.

“Give it to me, I give you. It is me and you. It is a beautiful, a wonderful house. Even when you get in it is awesome. The house is mine,” He said

When Omosh was handed over the house, he had promised not to sell it. Many Kenya were concerned that he would sell the house and squander the funds on alcohol. When the house was been handled to the organizers even had a signpost written:

“This property is not for sale.”

 “I was joking when I asked for help from Kenyans the second time. This poster reads this property is not for sale and for that reason I will never sell it. There are plots around my property that are up for sale, people can buy those but will never be selling mine,” Omosh declared.

Earlier on Omosh during an interview with Jalango had pleaded with Kenyans to support him since he was undergoing financial crisis and he could not even afford to pay for his house rent. That’s when well-wishers came through and constructed for him a house.

After realizing it was a prank from the Komic gang the Former Tahidi high actor was puzzled.


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