Fred Matiangi’s PA Visits the Home of Christine Nyakundi A Woman Who Tried Approaching Him When Boarding A Plane

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The PA of the interior CS Fred Matiang’i visits the home of Christine Nyakundi. The woman was trying to approach Matiang’i while he was boarding a chopper but she was whipped by the police officers.


Nyakundi stated that she wanted to notify Matiang’i about the criminal activities in the region and police negligence but her motive was misunderstood. The woman disproved the claims that she wanted to approach Matiang’i for personal gains.

“The police blocked me because I had some information I wanted to share with the CS that would help our people. The area of Bobasi has had issues with the assigned officers, we have asked the commander to replace the officers to no avail. Theft and other forms of robberies have been on the rise while the officers are watching,” she stated.

The Matiangi’s PA David Onyancha visited the home of the mother of two who was captured been whipped by police officers. The photos of Nyakundi that were captured caused a stir on social media due to the way she was handled.

Nyakundi a graduate in sign language interpretation stated that he wanted to inform Matiang’i that local officers have been working with criminals who terrorize the residents.

People assumed she tried approaching Fred Matiang’i for personal gains, but Christine declined the claims and stated that if she needed money she could easily reach Matiang’i.

“I did not need money because CS Matiang’i knows me. He knows me very well. If it was about money, then I did not have to approach him there. He knows how he would help me, or I would have written him a message on his phone,” stated Christine.

Nyakundi said that she got assaulted and she was forced to seek medical attention. Fred Matiang’i had gone to Gusii land where he was inspecting different government projects.

“Today in Ekerenyo, Nyamira County, we kicked off a national government project to refurbish and equip maternal and newborn units countrywide. Completion of facilities such as Igena Itambe hospital will ensure we are back on track on our mission to zero preventable maternal, neonatal and child deaths,” he stated.


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