Juliani and Lillian the newest couple in town gets congratulated by Miguna Miguna and Willy Paul

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Juliani and Lillian the newest couple in town gets congratulated by Miguna Miguna and Willy Paul

Willy Paul went on social media to congratulate Juliani on his new relationship. This was after Lillian N’gang’a the Machakos first lady Lady confirmed that she was taken by the hip hop artist months after breaking up  with Governor Alfred Mutua.

He also asked Kenyans to give the couple a break. Willy paul commented “You guys let Juliani enjoy the fruits of his hard work. Juliani! Shikilia hapo buda! Mtoto ni mauri. Shikilia,”. Willy Paul stated.

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The deported opposition activist Miguna Miguna also went on Twitter to congratulate the couple and wish them well in their love journey.

“Congratulations to Lilian Ng’ang’a and Julias Owino Jaluo-Jeuri a.k.a Juliani. Welcome to Nyalgunga kama rech ngege mit ka mo kich,” he posted.  Lilian Ng’ang’a on Friday posted a photo hugging Juliani and a message that confirmed she was in a relationship with the Exponential potential hitmaker.

“In this photo are two fully conscious adults who have chosen to be together. Any other narrative is false outdated, and ill-intentioned. Let’s respect people’s choices. Love and let love,” read the statement, which was is signed off by the initials JL.

Juliani had also earlier on stated that it was quite obvious they were in a relationship. “Asanti Sana for all who’ve reached out that past couple of weeks. Mola awazidishie. No need for a statement about the obvious issue. “I know you can think for yourselves. Draw your own conclusions. I believe in you,” his post on IG.

Juliani said in one of his tweets that he is been threatened due to the relationship by unknown number. In his post he stated that the narrative ulininyag’anyana is false and he urged netizen to refrain from it. As he wondered how a mature adult with a sound mind could be stolen.

“How now can you “iba mtu”? An intelligent adult with a sound mind. The call/text threat on my life today, NOT funny!” ulinyang’anyana narrative is false, tired juicy headlines tu. Kindly STOP! For the threats, usi aim face, na prefer niki smile kwa open casket. Baraka” posted Juliani.

Boniface Mwangi, Human Rights Activist went further and exposed the phone number that was being used to threaten Juliani by unknown people. Mwangi confirmed in a post that Juliani had already recorded a statement at Kileleshwa Police station over the threats.

Mwangi also said that Juliani was been threatened not to post pictures of him and Lilian. He went ahead and even shared the contacts of the person was threatening Juliani.

Mwangi stated that Juliani was being asked not to post picture posed with Lilian or they will kill him.

“My very good friend @JulianiKenya was threatened yesterday. Someone called him and texted using 077391088. “He told him to stop posting pics posted with his friend @LillyanneNganga and if he continues, they will kill him. He has recorded a statement at Kileleshwa Police Station” shared Boniface Mwangi through his Twitter handle.


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