Pastor Ng’ang’a Defends Bishop Muriithi over the allegations of having a Baby Mama ‘Saa zingine Muombee Wahubiri’

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Mutave the alleged baby mama of Bishop Muriithi had sued him for neglecting his son and demanded ksh 100,000 for child support every month which was to cater for rent, clothing, entertainment and other utilities.

The televangelist of House of Grace church responded to Judy Mutave and told her he could only afford 10,000 as the church doesn’t pay him.   The mother of two stated that she met Bishop Muriithi at a club and they began dating and sired a child together.

The drama between the two left people talking as they shared their opinions, James Ng’anga is among those that defended the Bishop.

Pastor Ng’ang’a seemed to be following up the story on social media . The drama between the two alleged lovers has been trending on social media.  Judy Mutave had previously sued the Bishop for not supporting their two year old son.

Pastor Ng’ang’a  of Neno Evangelism during a service gave his opinion and said he could have sued the woman for taking advantage of him.

“Kama ni mimi namshtaki kortini kwamba amechukua mbegu yangu. Mnaonea tu pastor (If it were me, I would have sued her too for taking my seed. You’re just criticising the pastor for nothing).”

Ng’ang’a declared   that Mutave was beautiful and told people to stop judging Bishop Muriithi. He also urged his congregation to be praying for their Pastors so that they cannot fall into temptations.

“Saa zengine muombee wahubiri (Sometimes pray for men of God),” he stated

During an interview on Radio Jambo with Massawe Japanni, Mutave revealed that she met Bishop Muriithi at a club for the first time and he was married. The alleged Bishop Muriithi’s baby mama said that despite him being a man of cloth they used to have their dates where people go to drink alcohol.

”We met at one of the popular entertainment spots in Kenya, somewhere where people get some drinks and relax. Sad though, but it was like that,” Mutave unveiled.


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