Real Gentlemen: 5 Kenyan Celebs that accompanied their wives to the delivery room

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Real Gentlemen: 5 Kenyan Celebs that accompanied their wives to the delivery room

Previously birth was considered an affair for females only and men were rarely allowed in the delivery room. Nowadays most men accompany their spouses in the delivery rooms. Hillary Lisimba and Kabi wa Jesus are among the many Kenyan gentlemen that stepped into the delivery room together with their partners. Some men are caring and they will go extra miles to support their wives. Here is a list of the brave Dads that were in the delivery room with their partners:

  1. Frankie Just Gym it

Frankie shared a video of his second son’s delivery. When asked what made him to take such a bold move he said;


“We decided to let the camera into the delivery room because we felt that because our very supportive followers had walked with us throughout the pregnancy, they deserved to share our delivery experience. We felt that it was right to give them the candid delivery room experience in photos.”

  1. Daddie Marto

Daddie Marto also known as Martin Githinji and his wife Christine Koku Lwanga welcomed their son on August 25, this year. He took videos from the time they left the hose up to when his wife delivered their second child.

The actor shared videos on social media that showed him comforting his wife throughout the process of labour. His wife Koku Lwanga at some point pulled out his hair. His fans applauded him for being courageous and an amazing lover.

  1. Phil Karanja

In 2019, the film director together with his wife Actress Kate welcomed their first child. Phil Karanja like other Dads was supportive and stepped into the delivery room together with his wife. He tried to comfort the talented actress who bit him when she was in labour.

“I bit Phil as he was trying those movie moves, holding my face to calm me down,” Kate stated.

  1. Hillary Lisimba

Journalist Hillary Lisimba said that he will always treasure the experience in the delivery room.

“I witnessed what it takes for a woman to bring forth a new life,” he stated

Unlike other men Lisimba wasn’t terrified or traumatized after witnessing child birth. The father was very supportive even when she seemed to give up.

“I was not scared at all. I held her hands throughout the process and told her we were in it together,” he said

“…when she seemed to give up at some point and we had to keep telling her to try again.”

  1. Kabi wa Jesus

Kabi wa Jesus and his wife Milly WA Jesus welcomed their son in 2019. Kabi went ahead and shared on YouTube the birth of their first son. The video got over one million views.

The baby is already here and we are so excited that you guys now know it’s been a very wonderful journey, thank you for walking with us, thank you to everyone who has showed concern because we have been silent for the last one week but it’s because we really wanted to hold the baby and understand him and understand this whole journey that we are in….” they stated.


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