Model Adut Akech Who Grew Up in a Kenyan Refugee Camp Buys a House in US

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Adut Akech a South Sudanese grew up in a Kenyan refugee camp. She then relocated to Australia where she became a professional model and also became part of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The model went on Instagram to celebrate her achievement where she became a homeowner at 21 years old. She shared the news that she now owns a house in the United States. Akech was born in South Sudan and in 1999 she was taken to Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya at a tiny age.

At Australia, things were not easy for her, her mother, and five siblings who had moved to Australia as refugees.

At the age of 16 she got lucky and was signed by Chadwick Models in Sydney and she joined professional modeling. She became the second model in history to have a bridal spot in a Chanel fashion design show.

Besides modeling, Akech is also a member of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees where she campaigns for the rights of refugees around the world.

The 21-year-old rejoiced in her achievement where she recently bought a new house. The house is worth 3.7 dollars and it’s situated in Los Angeles. The house is said to have open-plan living areas, a spa, and five bathrooms.

“I’m usually quiet about personal things like this. I would just be moving in silence but this one is too big an achievement and a proud moment for me to not share with the world. I cannot believe that 21 years old I’m a proud owner of a house,” she posted on Instagram

She also said that she is proud of what she has achieved in her career and life. She feels proud for her hard work and staying focus to reach there. She also added that her achievements remind her how fortunate and blessed she is.

“For that, I’m beyond grateful to God, my family, and the people in my life who courage me to keep pushing,” she stated.

She concluded by thanking her supporters and the people behind her success.


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