Winnie Ondiga prefer Tall Dark and Hadsome

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Winnie Odinga has opened up on the preferable factors she would pick out in a man.

According to Winnie, a tall and darkish man is best for her. “You acquired to be taller than me, I am 5’10… you have to be dark, and like slim. He has to come with a degree,” Winnie mentioned on Spice FM.She moreover shared necessary things that she seems for in a relationship.“Trust, the ability to communicate, have discussions and variety of a platform the vicinity I can jump off.

All the work that I do, all ideas I come up with I prefer to take a look at with somebody.”Being born in a political family, Winnie says she does now no longer see herself to be one-of-a-kind than specific individuals of the community.This, however, makes it a mission for a persona of her stature to find out suitable friends.“It has continuously been a undertaking even now.

You find out that young adults of politicians don’t have self assurance people, they have flip out to be so skeptical due to the reality there is a lot of betrayal. You come to be cautious in how you deal with people,” she said.

The political strategist delivered that she meets a lot of people in her day to day activities, alternatively has saved her circle small and does now now not share a lot of data with these who do no longer favor it.

Off the murky political scenes, Winnie describes herself as an introvert, who enjoys time on my very own or with shut family members. On an ideal weekend, she can definitely take a seat by way of myself indoors and watch TV, or go to her parents.She describes music, in specific Hip Hop and Afrobeats as the matters that make her comfy



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