“I will take you to court!!” Julius Owino warns Jubilee’s Tuju.

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Julius Owino AKA Juliani facebook

The gospel artist and Utwala hitmaker Juliani has threatened to sue Jubilee party to court over what he termed as using his song, Utawala, without his consent.


The letter seen by Kenyan prime news was addressed to jubilee through its secretary-general Rafael Tuju. The message was served to the party by James T. Makori, Juliani’s lawyer.


The letter further demanded that the jubilee party should admit liability since they infringed intellectual property rights. The party is supposed to respond to these allegations in 72 hours.


Jubilee party secretary-general; Rafael Tuju; Facebook

On October 31st, 2020, jubilee shared the song in a promotional video on its social media channels. As of the Kenyan 2010 constitution, some guidelines protect intellectual property rights.

It is only the copyright owner with the right to publish, reproduce, communicate, and any entity or person who contravenes this is answerable by the law.

In the letter, Juliani, through his lawyer, stated that what jubilee did makes him look partisan and a supporter of the BBI  report.

In the past, gospel artists have produced political songs.  A good example being Ben Githae, who produced the famous “Uhuru Ruto tano tena.”

Asked how much money the jubilee party paid him for it to use it in their campaign rallies, Githae said that he did it out of passion and not for money.

Among other gospel artists who have performed in a political rally is Bahati. Durin, one of the jubilee party rallies in Nairobi, while performing his hit song “Mama,” momentarily sat on president Uhuru’s seat.

Willy Paul has also performed in a political rally before.


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