Bahati Stirs Reaction As He Listened To ‘Ganja Planter’ While Smoking

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Singer Bahati recent actions have left many asking whether he is still a gospel artist. Many Kenyan commented after the ‘sweat darling’ hit maker shared a video of him smoking while listening to Marlon Asher’s Ganja planter.

“Just one puff to celebrate being the top Gospel artist and top secular at the same time in Kenya; Humbled,” stated in his caption

Most of his followers criticized him for his actions despite him being a gospel artist. Bahati also recently announced that he was leaving  gospel music industry to sing secular music, he  also released a new album  named ‘fikra za bahati’.


“I was fought a lot in the gospel industry so when I do a gospel song, I do it for God, not for the people. I just separated myself from the Gospel industry for a while, but I’m in Christ and the Lord is my personal saviour. I think right now Wanani is the most played song in the country, and it’s because it requested for by secular and gospel fans because I’m still a son of Christ,” stated Bahati

“You don’t know what you are doing. Acha kufurahisha walimwengu” a fan stated

DK kwenye beat also stated, “Praying for you my brother,” while another fan wrote, “We lost another one.”

Some of his fans asked him to be a leading example to the youth.

“It’s sad that an artiste who started from humble beginnings as a gospel artiste can now promote obscenity and substance use. Such a confusing character to someone who would otherwise be at the forefront to promote upright morals,” stated another fan

Bahati’s lifestory

Kelvin Kioko also famously known as Bahati is among the most recognized Gospel Artist in Kenya. He is a remarkable gospel artist in East Africa Kenya and world-wide. Bahati grew up at ABC Children’s Home, in Mathare after her mum passed when he was in Nursery school. His father also relocated and remarried and never saw him for over 8 years. While at children’s home that’s when Bahati began his to pursue his passion  in music. Bahati is  married to Diana Marua. The couple has two children Majesty and heaven. They also have an adopted son Morgan Bahati and a daughter from his former relationship with Mueni bahati.


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