“Trapping A Man With A Child Your Trapping Yourself Too”:Muthoni Mukiri

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“Trapping A Man With A Child Your Trapping Yourself Too”:Muthoni Mukiri

The former Innoro-Tv news anchor gave adverse to get children when they are ready and not because the many is financially stable.  She also added that most women that trap men with pregnancy for financial gain they end up putting themselves in a cage. She also that she promised herself not to get children from wedlock.

The  YouTuber cautioned women who think getting a child with worthy or influential will set them free. She also advised women that this kind of women create their drama for their lives.  The former Inooro Tv news anchor stated that after getting multiple emails from fans narrating on how they got pregnant with spouses they were everything in their lives.

“Becoming a baby mama is not a career. Know your values and know that you do not need to give a man a baby for him to stick around. Don’t go having kids for men because they want kids, but have one because you are ready to carry that child. Have them when you are ready, and not just because you have a man,” she stated.

She said she would not want kids out of wedlock and also her friends with kids outside marriage cautioned her to try it.

“If you think you will trap someone with a child, the only person you are trapping is yourself and putting yourself in your caged situation.’ She stated

She also added men are forgetful about their children and that’s why many of them don’t take care of their kids and have different baby mamas. Mukiri had indicated before that she wanted to be a mother soon. Mukiri and her partner Isaac went down the aisle and tied knots. She stated that she got inspiration from Vanessa after the posted images on social media of her pregnancy.

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