4 Luxurious Hotels That Hosts International celebrities and Billionaire’s While in Kenya

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4 Luxurious Hotels That Hosts International celebrities and Billionaire’s While in Kenya

Kenya hotels have hosted exclusive international celebrities during their trip to the country for leisure or official purposes. Most celebrities don’t disclose their stay in particular countries due to security reasons. This has been observed with prominent figures including former US President Barrack Obama who visited Kenya in 2015 and not much was revealed concerning his night stay until he left.

The hotel hosts celebrities and is perceived to be glamorous and for the elite. Celebrities spend a lot of money for their stay in these hotels. Here is the list of hotels that harbored international celebrities during their stay in Kenya.

OL Jogi Wildlife Conservancy

The restaurant is located in Nanyuki, Laikipia County at the shadow of Mt. Kenya. The hotel is surrounded by towering kopjes and bush. It’s one of the most ideal places for adventures. The hotel offers a unique experience as visitors interact with the wildlife in the extensive ranch.

The select ranch has cottages that can accommodate a maximum of 14 guests. Every guest space features finished, floor plans and distinct decorations. The lavish hotel showcases the luxuries of northern Kenya, its people, landscape and wildlife. Ol Jogi hosts wealthy individuals including celebrities and influencers who spend a night or several days in the hotel.

Billionaire Resort

Billionaire resort is located in Malindi town and it’s one of the select resorts on the coast that offers a remarkable expertise to it guests. The resort has hosted prominent names including Jean Todt a French motorsport leader, Silvio Berlusconi an Italian Prime minister, Naomi Campbell a Kenya Tourism Ambassador and Luciano Benetton the co-founder of Benetton Group.

The Billionaire Resort is located in the Malindi Marine Park and Reserve which is one of the oldest Park in Africa. The select resort includes fully furnished, luxury apartments where the guest can rest. The resort offers an assortment of select facilities such as private beach, an oasis and numerous services.

Almanara Hotel

The lavish hotel is located in Diani beach, Kwale County. The hotel attracted some of the prominent and wealthy businessmen, politicians and celebrities who stay at the hotel during vacations. Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho spent three weeks with his family at the hotel in 2010. The resort includes an outdoor pool, open plan dining room, advanced furnishings and private bathrooms.

Hemingway Hotel

Ashanti, an American actress, songwriter and singer spent their time at Hemmingway Hotel. She shared photo where she was eating curry coconut snapper. The first-class hotel includes an all-encompassing establishment that offers a bar, restaurant and full butler.

The five star hotels offer excellent guest services and experience ensuring luxury and comfort. The resort standard of luxury is top notch for visitors. Every suites have a private balcony and a magical view of the Ngong Hills silhouette.

English Point Marina Hotel

The hotel is located in Mombasa. The hotel offers a remarkable experience. There are numerous amenities in the hotel incudes swimming pool, boutique hotel, gymnasium, and luxury spa and infinity pool. The resort includes outdoor and indoor quay perfect for weddings, cocktails and other events. The hotel hosted the sensational American producer and singer Chris brown when he came to Kenya in 2016.

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