LIED Poll Shows Ruto Losing Popularity to Wajackoyah

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According to an Intel Research Solutions (IRS) poll released on Tuesday, July 5, Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah was cutting into the support of UDA presidential candidate William Ruto.

On June 19, the Internal Revenue Service released a poll that found Ruto’s popularity at 51.2 percent; in this poll, it fell to 49.9 percent.

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As a result of this decline in support, Wajackoya saw an increase in support of 0.9% in his popularity, rising from 2.8% to 2.8%.

To make matters worse for him, a leaked audio clip from Azimio Coalition Deputy President from a previous event raised questions about his allegiance to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

President-elect Raila Odinga has a 42.5% approval rating in Azimio.

David Mwaure, the Agano presidential candidate, gained 0.4 percentage points to 1.1 percent of the vote. A tenth of a percent more people said they weren’t sure whether or not they would vote.

Taxpayers’ Revenue Service (IRS) said there was no chance of an election run-off since presidential candidates will be campaigning hard in the month leading up to the polls, and at least one of them will meet the 50% plus one criterion.

At 53.7 percent, Raila is the most popular candidate in Nairobi, while Ruto is in second place with 38.1 percent of the vote. The percentage of undecided voters was 4.1%.

With 48.3 percent of the vote, Ruto was ahead of Odinga with 34.3 percent, according to the latest polls. Both the Rift Valley and Mount Kenya were under his command.

However, the most popular candidate in the Ukambani, Coast, and Nyanza regions is the previous Prime Minister with more than 50% of the vote.

Ratings in Western, Central Rift, Ukambani, Nairobi and the Mount Kenya Diaspora were the highest for Wajackoyah. This area didn’t seem to like him very much.

The Ruto-Rigathi Gachagua ticket has a better chance of winning the female vote (50.2%) than Raila’s with just Martha Karua (41.8 per cent). Male voters also preferred the DP.

People under 35 years of age continue to back the country’s second-in-command, while Kenyans over 35 continue to back Azimio.


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