Raphael Tuju ‘Congratulates’ the Deputy President for the Massive Wealth He Accumulated In 7 Years Including Hotels and Chopper worth Billions

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Raphael Tuju ‘Congratulates’ the Deputy President for the Massive Wealth He Accumulated In 7 Years Including Hotels and Chopper worth Billions

The Jubilee party secretary-general indirectly gave Deputy President William Ruto a critical remark over his acquired enormous wealth. According to Tuju, Ruto has been able to move from a 100 million net worth to now billions including choppers, ranches, hotels, and other assets owned by the Deputy President.

Raphael Tuju congratulated the Deputy President in a sarcastic way for the vast wealth he acquired in his 8 years in government. Raphael Tuju hailed the Deputy President for his ‘hard work’ in his business to the much-accumulated assets worth billions of Kenyan shilling. Tuju went ahead and asked Ruto to show Kenyans his KRA records.

Tuju was making a ridicule of the DP’s hustler chronicles as he seeks to vie for a presidency seat in 2022. Years ago Ruto claimed that his net worth was 100 million, the worth increased rapidly to assets worth billions including hotels choppers and ranches and other assets.

“The DP is on video record when he told Kenyans that he is worth 100M in 2015…In the intervening 7 years, he has worked very hard in his business and has assets like choppers, hotels and land worth billions,” stated Raphael Tuju.

The secretary general also gave a critical remark on the DP’s PhD qualifications which he acquired few years back. Tuju said that with the many engagements DP has he could have been able to achieve the qualification and still operate the numerous errands he is known for.

“We would like to congratulate him for making such strides in business while concurrently studying for PhD, running an empire, working as DP, campaigning for the presidency and still sparing time to do harambes from his hard-earned sweat money,” said Tuju

The Jubilee party secretary-general also dared the Deputy President to show his Kenya Revenue Authority tax payments from his chicken business worth millions. The Deputy President had previously stated that he gets 1.5 million every day from his poultry business in Sigoi. Tuju asked Ruto to show his KRA tax payment record now that he told about his massive earnings.

“We congratulate DP Ruto for his chicken farm that makes sh1.5 million every day. We also request him to show the big payments he made to the KRA. Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar,” he stated.

Tuju also thanked the Deputy President for explaining about his chicken business since the money paid to his numerous visitors in Karen was dubious.

“People of goodwill may have thought of making a contribution ‘to Ruto’ but with an income of ksh 1.5 million, the deputy president is okay,” he said.


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