Shakilla is at it Again

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The sassy teenager, Shakilla, has been on the bloggers’ headlines for all the bad reasons. Recently, videos of her twerking on a live Instagram chat with the Dubai based musician surfaced online. The amazing thing in the video is that she shook what her mama gave her in her birthday suit. Can you imagine that!!!

The controversial self-declared social, Whose real name is Shakila Tiffany Amin, first shot into the showbiz limelight when she appeared on Xtian Dela’s show on Instagram.

It was in the show that she claimed to have gone to bed with 30 plus Kenyan celebrities.

In her recent interview with one of the radio stations, Milele FM, she said she lives in a fancy two-bedroom house.

Shakilla added that the  completely furnished furnished house is at Kilimani estate. She was quick to say that a muzungu sponsor bought her the house.

The socialite surprised the Netizens when she added that the mzungu is married, and she hopes that he dies soon. She bragged that the house is registered under her name, and it’s worth Ksh 11 million. Yes, you read it right, Ksh 11 million.

Further, she vehemently disputed claims that she is faking the fact that she is rich. After a video of her cooking ugali in a room that appeared to be a bedsitter surfaced online, the claims came out.

The socialite said that she had a traumatizing experience living in a bedsitter house with the Sheddy.

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