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President Uhuru Kenyatta and Mp Millie Odhiambo embracing each other after the parliamentarians retreat in The Great Rift Valley lodge in Naivasha. Photo;  Facebook


Photos of president Uhuru Kenyatta and Mbita Mp Hon. Millie has surfaced online. The two looked jovial as they both seemed to enjoy the moment.

Social media users were of mixed reactions after seeing the photos. What captured the netizens’ attention is how happy the two looked while back in the run-up for the 2017 elections, Millie Odhiambo was all over slamming the President.

During one of the heated parliamentary sessions back then, Millie hurled unprintable words to the country’s commander in chief.

During the retreat attended by both Raila Odinga Uhuru Kenyatta, the members agreed to implement BBI.

In a statement read by the said senator James Orengo, the members affirmed their readiness to spread the BBI gospel countrywide, followed by a referendum.

During a press conference that both the president and opposition leader attended, Orengo said that the youths were firmly included in the BBI agenda, unlike what those opposed to the report said.

“The youth are equally catered for in the BBI. The BBI seeks to give the youth a chance to get out of poverty by creating opportunities to make an income,” Orengo said.

Journalists were kept guessing what was going on at some point when they were forced to switch off their cameras and told to stand relatively far from the tent where the BBI discussions were going one.


As the minority leader Hon Orengo was reading the press statement, there was considerable excitement from the members present. One could hear ululations, clapping, and shouts of “yes” from the members could be heard.

What happens next on the recommendations of the deputy president William Ruto?

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