Kakamega Lawyer Files Assault Charges Against MP Peter Salasya Over Ksh.500,000 Loan Dispute

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Kakamega lawyer sues MP Peter Salasya for assaulting him in Ksh.500K loan case

A lawyer from Kakamega County has filed a lawsuit against Mumias East MP Peter Salasya, accusing him of physical and verbal assault when they were working together on a case in which Salasya is charged with failing to repay a Ksh.500,000 loan given to him prior to the August 2022 elections.

On Thursday of this week in Kakamega, Salasya was accused of assaulting attorney Edwin Wawire Wafula for standing up for Robert Malenya Lutta, the putative creditor.

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The attorney claims that Salasya first verbally abused and threatened his client at the Vovo Hotel at 6 p.m. before assaulting him at the Vault Hotel.

He alleges that in both situations, the appropriate hotel managements came to his help and removed MP Salasya out of the premises.

The attorney later reported the politician to the police in Kakamega for allegedly trying to ruin his name and put his life in risk.


“In their natural meaning, Mr Salasya’s public words portray me as a conman, a stupid man, a fraudster, a satanic man, and a man without integrity.” Thus, the lawyer said, “I want him to define these words in Small Claims Court because they are not only defamatory but also constitute threats.” This is from the Nation.


Lawyer Wafula was directed by Resident Magistrate Gladys Kiama to issue the summons letter for the MP’s appearance on November 8 in connection with the Small Claims Court complaint filed against him on October 30, 2023.


The alleged friend of Salasya owes him Ksh.500,000 for campaigning expenses that he did not return within the allotted two months.


“We had been good friends for many years, and when Mr Salasya, who was running for the Mumias East Parliamentary seat, asked me to fund his campaign, I gladly agreed.” “I advanced him the money on December 13 of last year,” Lutta said.


He also says he asked the MP to settle the debt out of court and was turned down.


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