Victor Hausa Narrates How He Fasted For 21 Days before Landing a Role in Maria Show

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Victor Hausa was a commercial model but his main interest was in acting. Ronald Ndubi famously known by the name Victor Hausa in his role in the show Maria on Citizen TV claimed that he is a prayer warrior. He landed a role in the show after fasting for 21 days.

In an interview victor said that he had been a commercial model for 11 years but he believed that he had great passion in acting. Ronald dream came true when he landed a role in the Maria show.

“I’m a prayer warrior and I believe in God,” he said

“In 2019, it got so tough and I went back to visit my parents and they were like, it’s been 11 years, maybe we just take you to London where your sisters are. But I told them I believe I am an actor.”

“I chose to fast for 21 days, 6am to 6pm, not the 24 hours one. And after 21 days, one week later, Damaris, popularly known as Loreta in Zora, sent me the ‘Maria’ audition but I did not go.”

“That week I had gone to so many auditions but when I looked at the location, I said I’m not going.

“Three weeks later, they were recasting for the roles Victor and Luwi. They were asking guys to send pictures and must be good actors.”

“We were then shortlisted, five guys and we ended up being picked. That is entirely God. When you put God first and do your part, nothing is impossible.”

“It’s the dream I have been having for 11 years and I could not just give up…Maria just came up at the right time.”

He said that he had tried numerous auditions but he wasn’t lucky.

“When you see people blowing up, they have a back story. Always give your best and make sure you go for auditions if you want to be an actor.”

The talented actor also confirmed being in a relationship with acress Dorea Chege famously known as Maggie on the Maria show. He also said he’s from a family of 7 siblings with 6 sisters and him been the only boy.

“We haven’t fully moved in together but we are always together most times. We are working on something before we move in. we also want to move in together when everything is in place, we don’t want just come and stay, we gonna go official and do it right way” said Victor

“We were friends”  first…I used to like how aggressive she is, with branding and stuff… so I asked her out for a date… date led to another date and we started hanging out together and we become best friends. We started working on several projects together off the screen for brands and friends we went to where we are now,” said Victor as he explained how they begun the relationship.”


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