Erick Omondi receives a Chrysler Crossfire as a gift from Jimi Wanjigi

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Erick Omondi receives a Chrysler Crossfirck Omondi announced that he will spearhead the presidential campaign of Jimi Wanjigi. He was happy to receive the gift of a new Chrysler Crossfire.


Erick Omondi said that it was a surprise to be gifted a car since Jimi Wanjigi had only invited him for tea.

“This is a pleasant surprise since I thought Wanjigi was inviting me over for tea. He told me that I should not give any excuses whenever I am on assignment out of town since this car will serve the purpose. I have also been given fuel for one year and two months,” he stated.

The comedian also stated that the car consumes fuel of around 10,500 in a day and also because he will be navigating the country. Omondi said that he will begin his assignment by campaigning for Wanjigi in Kisumu or Mombasa and his main focus will be the youth. Erick Omondi is seen accompanied by Wanjigi in a shared video as he tells him to ‘fagia wote’.

“You are doing a wonderful job to sell this dream to the entire nation. Ni lazima sasa tufagie wote wote wote.

“Use this car to spread that message…take it to the entire nation. It is a very solid car,” said Wanjigi.

When Erick was asked about his interest in vying for a seat or if he would consider being Wanjigi’s running mate, he said that the youths are suffering and would want a leader who is ready to offer solutions.

“I think the youth are suffering and yearning for a leader with their solutions. I will not be Wanjigi’s running mate but I will support his course and vision as he explained. However, in future, don’t write me off…Considering that I’m the President of comedy in Africa, I may as well make my political dream a reality.”

Jimi Wanjigi joined the presidential race a few months ago to compete against ODM Leader Raila Odinga, Deputy President William Ruto, Mukhisa Kituyi, Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, and Senator Gideon Moi among other candidates.

“This time I shall not be king making. I shall address the rest of your questions at the appropriate juncture,” Wanjigi stated.


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