Tik Toker Kinuthia, a transgender woman, says she will import her wedding dress.

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For his wedding, content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has vowed to stir up the internet.

The TikToker recently stated in an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve that he would wear an imported gown and that the ceremony would not be like other weddings.



“I did as I said I would do and import my wedding dress. I’ll do it when the time comes and I have the funds. Because my wedding will not be a typical wedding, many of you will be shocked “Kinuthia threw in.


Kinuthia claimed that in spite of his mother’s persistent encouragement to have children, he was still a young man and unprepared for marriage.


He claimed that having more money and enjoying life are his two main goals.


“I can only say that I don’t want a family right now when it comes to myself. Maybe when I turn 30 because that will be when this life is over. I just want to live my life right now and look for money. I hope to start a family in the future “said he.
The YouTuber responded to his mother’s worries about the situation by saying that, due to her compassion, she would respect his choice to put off marriage until he was in his early 30s.
It’s my own personal decision, so I don’t think my mother will have an issue with me delaying marriage until I’m ready, he said.
After getting married, Kinuthia promised his fans he wouldn’t alter his lifestyle or his online content.

“I won’t alter the kind of content I publish even when I start to settle down. Because of that, everyone knows who I am and how I got here. I therefore do not anticipate changing it anytime soon “Kinuthia said.
Due to his crossdressing content on TikTok, Kinuthia has amassed a sizable following. Recently, he attracted attention after a Facebook user claimed that he had pretended to be a woman in order to defraud him of money.
Kinuthia responded to the claims by pledging to have never met the man and then slamming the user’s claims as power-seeking.
“Stop pursuing influence with my name or my pictures. I have nothing to do with that story in any way. First of all, my name is not Justin Kioko or Kelvin Kinuthia, I am not from Machakos in any way, and I am not a Kamba. Guys, I am a Kikuyu and I have nothing to do with that story. I appreciate everyone who has called and sent me DMs to check on me. I’m good and fine. Thank you, men “Kinuthia said.


Adding: “I did not receive any money, KSh 344k… Because of the last statement made there, which states that the money was intended for a flight, shopping, and the purchase of a new phone, I know the majority of people will believe that story. Due to the phone I purchased, I am confident that many people will believe that story. As a result, the claim that someone bought me a new phone is false. Stop pursuing influence by using my name.”


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