William Ruto Accuses Raila Odinga of Sponsoring Fake Opinion Polls: “Nimewashinda Akili

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Raila Odinga, who sensed defeat, allegedly turned to funding phony polls, according to deputy president William Ruto. According to the presidential candidate for the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, won’t be swayed by elections supported by evil forces. Raila was cautioned by the former Eldoret North MP not to intimidate others using official resources. Speaking on Tuesday, July 5, Ruto asserted that his recently released manifesto is superior to that of Azimio la Umoja.
It reads, “Hawa watu tumewashinda na akili, tumewashinda na mpango, manifesto yetu inashinda yao. Wanasema sijui nani ako mbele, wanatengeneza opinion poll ya ukora, tumewashida na kila kitu, sasa wamebaki tu na mambo mawili. (These individuals have been defeated in both mind and plan; our manifesto is superior to theirs. They have now resorted to fabricating fake polls that show who is ahead),” said William Ruto.
Fake opinion polls, according to Ruto, who is running for president for the first time, won’t help Raila win the elections in August. “Sisi tunawambia wajeni opinion poll ya ukora, kura ni tarehe tisa mwezi wa nane hawa wananchi wataamua. (We are telling them to forget about opinion polls, Kenyans will decide on August 9)” Ruto added.

Further, Ruto charged that Raila intended to usurp Kenyans’ will by gaining power through the deep state. But he insisted that he would not allow anyone to rig his votes, and he stated that he was prepared to defend each ballot that was placed in his basket.

He remained adamant, though, that he would not permit anyone to tamper with his votes and said he was prepared to defend each ballot that was placed in his basket.


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