Lulu Hassan and Joho win

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Lulu Hassan; Photo Courtesy  Facebook

During this year’s Couture Africa Style Awards, Citizen TV’s queen of the screen, Lulu Hassan, was declared the winner of the most stylish Tv and  Radion personality.

Lulu was elated with the award to social media to thank her fans, saying that she doesn’t take them for granted.

“Awwwww. Thank you, good people……I don’t take your support for granted, mbarikiwe sana.” Lulu said.

It was also a good night for Catherine Kamau or better known as Kate Actress.  She was awarded the most stylish person of the year(female) and the most elegant entertainer of the year.

Kate Actress;  Photo Courtesy Facebook

“We won, guys; thank you so much for your votes. Imagine dressing up this much alafu nikose ku win,aki yu guys always come through. Asanteni sana. Guys, we got both,” said kate actress

Mombasa governor also was on the winning list. The County boss was awarded as the most stylish Male Public servant.



Ali Hassan Joho; Photo Courtesy, Facebook

Erick Omondi also took home the most stylish male content creator award.

Mc Jessy was one of the winners and was awarded the most stylish Tv and Radio (male). Eliud kipchoge won the most elegant Sportsman.

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