It is “NO” Raila’s bark dogs declares

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Close allies to the opposition leader Raila Odinga are opposed to Dr. William Ruto’s, Deputy President, appeal for a roundtable conversation over the various issues raised in the BBI report before the much-awaited referendum.

President Uhuru Kenyatta may have hinted that there is room for discussion to improve the report, Raila’s cronies claim that there is no more room for changes. They further said that the DP only has two options, either reject or accept the Building Bridges Initiative as it is.

They claim that Ruto wasted the opportunity to give his views to the task force when it was collectin views from Kenyans.

On Thursday, Ruto called for a dialogue to enhance the document. The move could save the country from division into two while the purpose of the BBI report was to unite and bring everybody on board.

“If he wants to lead the No side, let him proceed without engaging us in delaying tactics. Let him resign as DP and go ahead to spearhead the no campaigns. We will face off with him in the campaigns. He should not try to intimidate, blackmail or delay us,” Atwoli, the Cotu secretary-general, said.

With all this burning out, it is a wait and sees but the most important thing is peace and unity


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Raila’s Goose is Cooked

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