How long did your Business take before starting to give you profit?

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How long did your Business take before starting to give you profit?


One of Lekau’s warehouse. Photo; Lekau on twitter

One man, Lekau Sehoana, has taken many by surprise by sharing his success story after eight months. His shoe business, Dripfootwear, began in January 2020.

While beginning, everything was run from his bedroom. As of that time, Lekau, he didn’t have any employee or any car. His starting was one we could call a humble beginning.

As of October, his Business had tremendously grown from a bedroom-sized warehouse to massive warehouses. The number of employees has risen from 0 to 44 employees who work directly at his office and warehouse.

He further added that he has acquired four delivery vehicles within those eight months and had opened six retail stores.

He could not hide his happiness after his first employee managed to acquire a car for himself.He narrated that he called him to go and work for  him during the lockdown period. Without much thinking, the employee that he referred to as Boi showed up for work, and a few months later, his life had taken a complete u-turn for the better.

Employees were celebrating one of their’s successes. Photo; Lekau on Twitter

Lekau shared photos of the whole staff celebrating Boi’s achievement. Among the several pictures, he shared on his Twitter account was one showing a multitude of people queuing to enter one of his Drip footwear shops.

What success stories would you like to hear apart from Lekau’s?  Lekau hails from Sandton in South Africa.

Clients were queuing to enter one of Lekau’s shops. Photo; Lekau on Twitter


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