Raila’s Goose is Cooked

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On Tuesday,27th October, Deputy President William Ruto met the Kikuyu National Council of Elders’ leadership. The council’s patron is Uhuru Kenyatta’s blood cousin, Kung’ you Muigai, at his Karen residence.
Among the leaders who were in attendance was Michael Ndung’u. Ndung’u is the Principal Administrative secretary Nationhood sector. This comes a few weeks after Kung’u had vehemently hit out at a Kikuyu elders section who met Raila Ondinga at his Bondo home.

Considering the warm exchange of pleasantries between Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto towards the end of the BBI meeting, is Raila’s goose cooked?
Political commentators are reading mischieve in these latest developments. Is Raila being played again? Why would Uhuru’s cousin lead the elders to meet Ruto just a day after the official BBI launch?


Deputy President William Ruto with National Council of Elders patron Captain Kung’u Muigai.Image:DPPS

Raila Ondinga may have declared that he has not said that he will be contesting for the presidency
. He is not challenging for the presidency message is seen as a buying time tactic, but it is evident that the 2022 presidential race is majorly between Raila and Ruto.

What will happen if Uhuru actually tricked Raila into supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda with him hoping to get the so-called system’s support in 2022? For now, all we can say is let us wait and see how this unfolds right in front of our eyes.


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