Which Way for Wanjiku?

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Which Way for Wanjiku?

With the BBI debate locking the country, There is a lot of excitement that has come with it. The BBi reportpoliticians have made it their business with little to show for Wanjiku in the Village.

Talk of the broadened executive, speak of the enormous numbers of representation in parliament, which will save Wanjiku from this menace.

The million-dollar question in the room is how all the proposed changes contained in the BBI will affect Wanjiku’s life directly. How will she benefit from all this talk of BBI is about inclusivity. Come to think of it, the number of senators is going up by 47. The 47 senators are an added burden on Wanjiku.

Who will come to her rescue? The appointment of the Ombudsman, how will this benefit the little village of Nyakemincha resident in Nyamira county who has slept on an empty stomach?

Is it an uphill task for the Kenyan politicians to forget themselves for once this time around? Is it so hard to give Wanjiku priority in those boardroom meetings? It is suffocating and choking when every morning all we hear are Raila this Ruto that!!! Please wake up and focus on how to improve our country by putting Wanjiku on the frontline.

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