The U.S. A D-day is here. for 2020 Election

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Donald Trump; Twitter                                                                                   Joe Bidden; Twitter

The  United StatesPresidential elections are here. USA citizens will be voting today, 2nd November 2020, to elect their new president.

The elections are coming at a time when the U.S. is grabbling with the high COVID-19 infections and deaths.

There has also been heated debate about President Trump’s view on racism. This is after the country experienced demonstrations from Americans of different races under the banner Black Lives Matter.

This will be the second term of four years for Donald Trump if he wins the elections. Trump has been in the spotlight over his controversial COVID-19 remarks.

On his side, Joe Bidden was Barrack Obama’s vice president for the eight years Obama was the president. He has been a prominent critic of Trump and his strategies of fighting against the coronavirus. Bidden has also supported Americans putting on masks, something Trump has not been .obvious

The 2020 U.S. elections will be slightly different from the previous elections because over 95 million voters have already voted. The U.S. system allows early voting through the mail.

The increased number of voting through the mail is occasioned by the deadly coronavirus that is still rampaging different countries in the world.

Similarly, the election results will be out after about two days. This is because of high votes that were cast through mail hence requires more tim

The million-dollar question will be, will it be the Republicans, or will it be the Democrats?

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