KBC’s Legend News Anchor Quits after two months of joining

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A popular Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) news presenter who was newly acquired quits after two months of signing up. Mr. Fred Indimuli resigned last week; he said that he will be joining KTN where he is expected to replace Ben Kitili. He presented his last news on 17th August at the station and bid his fans goodbye.

Mr. Indimuli was co-anchoring together with Skiksha Arora and his exit has shaken KBC. He joined Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) during the station’s hyped re-launch.

Mr. Indimuli was among other legends that were brought on board, this includes Fayyaz Qureishi, Catherine Kasavuli, Pauline Sheghu and Badi Muhsin. Other new presenters on KBC included Nancy Onyancha, Tom Mboya, Shiksha Arora, Cynthia Nyamai, Harith Salim, John Kioria, and  Juma Ballo.

KBC will have to fill the gap left by Mr. Indumuli by reshuffling its presenters. Mr. Indimuli has climbed the ladder successfully in his career. Mr. Indimuli was an alumnus of Kenya Insitute of Mass Communication and began his career on Kiss TV  where he was a TV and radio editor. He also joined Radio Africa Group where he was an online editor.

Indimuli has worked for NTV in 2013. He then appeared on the KBC screen for a while before joining Citizen TV where he worked for 2 years before leaving in October 2018 to join K24 where he anchored prime-time news. He left K24 and joined KBC in June this year when KBC re-launched. He then finally left for KTN to replace Ben Kitili.

“It’s not that am going somewhere, it’s only that am presiding over my last edition on Day Break. A few things will change but I will communicate that. It’s been a pleasure hosting Daybreak, the news review for the last 2 and half years, and Thank you for always being such a lovely audience,” stated Fred Indimuli while leaving Citizen TV in 2018.





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