A Lady Gives Credit to Her Teacher Who paid her High School fees when her father Paid no Attention to her education

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A Ghanaian lady showed her gratitude to a high school teacher who paid her school after her father disregarded her education. The young lady by the name Nana Ephya Audrey stated that she wanted to drop out of school due to the embarrassment and humiliation of lack of school fees. Her teacher came to her aid and assisted her with her educational needs. She said that her English teacher by the name Fentuo Tahiru supports her more than her father.

Andrew said that she was too embarrassed due to unpaid school and therefore decided to quit and stay home. She stayed home for almost the whole term. After releasing Audrey was not in school her English class teacher decided to follow up on her despite her deceiving him she was been transferred to a new school. His class teacher who knew the main reason for her absence asked her to go back to school and told the administration that he would take care for all her expenses.

The lady stated that she had both parents but her father neglected her education. She gave Fentuo credit and showered him with praises for assisting her to accomplish her secondary school education.

“I am forever grateful. For everything I’m becoming, part is because you believed in me and the other part is because you availed yourself to be used by God. I love you. My forever and a day,” Ephya stated in her post.


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