A Woman gets devastated after delivering an aging child “I have become a laughing stock in the community”

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A 20-year-old mother goes viral after giving birth to a child with a rare disorder called progeria. Progeria is a disorder that makes children age rapidly after they are born. Children with this condition are born healthy but they start aging rapidly in the first two years. The family of the young lady in South Africa has since then been taking care of the child but things have not been easy for the family. According to the family, this is the first time such an incident has happened and they didn’t know what could have caused it.

“We have become a laughing stock in the community, I have so many kids and I am not employed and now this happens.”

The young lady’s grandmother Ntombizakhe Mtshobi, aged 55 years said that it was hard to accept as they have never seen that before a two months baby born looking that old.

“When I hold her, I burst into tears,” said her grandmother

In an interview, the new mother said that she has become a laughing stock in the community. She said that she wanted to give birth to a baby that would bring happiness in her life. The young mother said her main worry was how the child will grow up to be. She also said that she would want the government to take away the child.

“This is my first child, I expected a baby that will make me happy, I don’t know how I will live a life with a child that is already looking this old at two months.”

Ongeziwe said that she needs psychological help and counseling to be able to deal with the situation. She named her child Onesipho which means the gifted one but now due to her condition she has become an outcast in the community.

She gave birth at home and recently she took Onesipho to the hospital for medical observation. It was then that she learned her baby was suffering from a condition called progeria. The community urged the health department to intervene as the condition requires intensive attention.

According to Mr Petros Majola, a leader in the fight against human rights and equality urged communities in to embrace uncontrollable conditions such as that of Onesiphorus.

“Poor people continue to be victims of prejudice and not being taken into much consideration,” said Mr Petros Majola.

Doctors say that progeria cannot be cured but regular monitoring of blood vessels and heart disease may assist in managing the child’s condition.


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