Man Marries His University Lover 9 Years Later: “Did I Send You to University for a Child or a Degree

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A man said his Dad scolded him after telling him he had impregnated his university girlfriend. Deus Tumuhaise and his girlfriend Sophia graduated from university and hard to find ways to cater for their child’s needs. Deus was forced was take odd jobs for a living. After all the challenges the couple went through Deus finally marries his university lover.

The man narrated how his father became angry after he told him he had impregnated his campus girlfriend before graduating school. The couple met in 2009 at Makerere University and they were both pursuing Bachelors in Commerce and they were classmates. They fell in love in their final year in university in 2012, the same year Sophia became pregnant.

The same year the two were supposed to graduate but Deus found out he had missing marks and he had to find a way to fix that or he would miss in the graduation list. It was both frustrating to break the news to his dad both the pregnancy news and the possibility of not graduating due to missing marks.

“I wanted the baby since I had sat my last paper. We talked about it and Sophia suggested I visit her family so they knew who was responsible for the pregnancy once it started to show. I went with two friends and met Sophia’s family before graduation in 2012,” stated Deus.

Their story was featured on My Wedding day. Deus got the courage to tell his father, but he asked him:

“Did I send you to school for a child or a degree?

Dues managed to fix his issue of missing mars and he graduated together with his lover. His girlfriend found a job before he did and was working in a different town. He had to visit his lover and his kid often since he had not yet gotten a job.

The lady got another job that was in the town where Dues lived. In 2015 they planned they planned their first ceremony of introduction and began planning for their wedding in 2018.Their wedding was supposed to be in 2020 but due to the pandemic they postponed it.

The couple rescheduled their wedding to July 2021 after President Museveni ordered for a lockdown. The two lovers finally went down the aisle on August 25 this year. The groom was happy as tears of joy rolled down as he finally married his campus lover nine years later in a colorful wedding.

“I had every reason to cry. I was looking at how far we had come, what we’d gone through to that day; I imagined how happy our parents were. I was finally going to start receiving Holy Communion. I hadn’t had it in a very long time,” he stated.


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